Italian (Italy)

Dear student,
Please complete the application form in this section to participate in the Right to University Education (Diritto allo Studio Universitario - DSU) scholarship selection process (service available starting from 2 pm of July 28th).

Applications to be admitted to the selection process shall be submitted by 30th September 2017, without postponement, by completing the online application form available at the following link:

Upon uploading the data online, the application form is to be printed, signed and sent to the DSU Office, enclosing the following:

  • Online application submission form, printed and duly signed;
  • Copy of a valid identity card/passport;
  • For income and assets in Italy: I.S.E.E and certificates including the relevant single self-certification declaration (Dichiarazione sostitutiva unica - D.S.U.) signed by the declarant;
  • For income and assets abroad: the documentation referred to in paragraph 2.3.3) ASSESSMENT OF THE FINANCIAL STATUS AND ASSETS OF FOREIGN STUDENTS;
  • For invalid students, a copy of the certification issued by the Medical Commission attesting the percentage of disability;/li>
  • For students who have attained a three-year bachelor's degree at another university, a university academic history transcript attesting the date of the first matriculation.
  • For Non-resident students: lease agreement duly registered with the Agenzia delle Entrate by the 24th of November 2017

The online application does not in any way replace the submission of the application on paper - Any failure to submit a document within the prescribed period or the submission of an invalid document shall result in exclusion from this selection process.

The above mentioned documentation should be sent by recorded delivery with proof of receipt to the DSU Office of NABA - Via Darwin, 20 - 20143 Milan - Italy, by October 3rd 2017 (the date of the postmark will be valid) or be hand delivered in a sealed envelope to the same office (the date of the delivery receipt will be valid), otherwise the applicant will be excluded from the selection process.

International mobility financial supplement

Scholarship financial supplement applications by students participating in international mobility programs in the academic year 2017/18 shall be submitted together with the scholarship application.

- Download the RUE guide for a.y. 2017/18

- Download the RUE selection process notice for a.y. 2017/18